Give Me Eyes to See


I have been fortunate my whole life not to need glasses until the last few years.  However, when the need for reading glasses came about it happened so quickly that I thought there had to be something more seriously wrong.  I went to the eye doctor and she gave me a prescription for reading glasses.

After the exam I asked, “So give me the news.”

She said, “What news?”

I said, “The bad news about why my eyesight is going bad.”

She said something that was both good and bad news, “It happens when you get your age.”

After a year I am still trying to get used to carrying reading glasses, but without them I can barely see to read.  You should have seen me in New York City trying to read the street map when I forgot them.

This has caused me to think about the difference between spiritual eyes and human eyes.

  • Human eyes come naturally.

  • Spiritual eyes need help.

  • Human eyes focus on physical things we see.

  • Spiritual eyes focus on the unseen things.

  • Human eyes measure value and possibilities based on human measurements.

  • Spiritual eyes measure value and possibilities based on the God we serve.

  • Human eyes often say, “I told you so… it is only common sense.”

  • Spiritual eyes respond, “It is yet to come… and it will be miraculous.”

  • Human eyes tend to cause human feet to drag.

  • Spiritual eyes tend to energize our movement.

Saul had to be knocked off his horse and blinded to be freed from the grip of his human eyes.  When his sight was made spiritual, it so impacted him that the old name didn’t fit anymore… He was so transformed by his new eyes, that he was now called Paul.

I pray that all of us may receive the gift of spiritual eyes.

Good to be your Pastor,

Peter Kraft

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