God is With Us


One of the themes of Christ-mas season is “Joy.” Our hearts are filled with Joy because God has acted on our behalf. We are not alone but Emmanuel – “God with us” – has arrived.

Focusing on this reality fills our lives with Joy…the journey of scripture is often our own journey when it comes to Joy.  In the Old Testament, it is strictly “joy because God has done ______ for us….” – fill in the blank. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact there is a lot right about acknowledging God and lifting Thanksgiving.  But Joy goes deeper than “what you done for me….” to “who you are to me!”

I take great Joy when my family is all together. When my boys come home from college, I am joyful not because they have provided for me or healed me or gave me something… but because we were together… “they were with me.”

The greatest, deepest joy is to have “God with us.” Let’s celebrate this reality with the world. Invite everyone you know to join us for the celebration of “God with us” Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve.

It is good to be your pastor,

Pastor Kraft

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