In the Huddle


I am doing the best I can… trying to keep the celebration at a respectful level.  Because I could talk about the current college football national champs for hours. If you do not know who the champs are I would be glad to share that and much more information with you.

Keeping with our football theme, I am still considering our discussion on the huddle we had this past Sunday.  Our huddles are so valuable.  I need to confess that I am in one of my huddles, even as I write this.  I am in my pastor coaching group.  A group of great pastors and staff that I meet with three times a year.  We just finished our devotion and prayer time.

Three applications about my huddle:

  • My huddle really helps me see things differently.

  • My huddle promotes healing and strengthens.

  • My huddle encourages me to run the play.

So one way to say it is…. My huddle helps me see things spiritually.  I can’t imagine how uninformed, narrow and uninvolved I might be if not for the huddles that challenge me to live beyond myself.  I should thank all those who have met with me over the years.  You have made a tremendous impact in my life.

Based on my own experience… I want to encourage you to intentionally find your huddle and be grounded!

Love being your pastor,

Pastor Kraft



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