Prayer Requests

Jesus says in Matthew 18:19-20, “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Let us join with you in prayer today! Use the form below to present your prayer need to the Eastside Assembly family, and let us agree together!

Eastside Prayer List



Eastside Prayer List

  • A God-Ordained Job

    Please agree with me in prayer for the job God has for me. One that is a blessing and where I can be a blessing to them. A job where I am celebrated, and not just tolerated. A job that is a good fit and that pays very well so I can tithe and bless various ministries financially. A job where Jesus will be glorified thru me. And finally, an exceedingly-above-all-I-can-ask-or-think job! Amen!

    Thank you so much for praying. May the Lord send showers of blessings on you! \0/

  • Please pray

    At my dad's church in Newalla, Oklahoma one of his Pastors wife is in the hospital in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Please pray for Pastor John Walker and his wife Debbie. Debbie is having trouble with caughing all the time. Hopefully they can figure out what is causing this and a cure for her while she's in the hospital. Thank you very much for praying for these too.

  • Need Your Prayers

    Please pray for me! I am in a very bad work environment. My job is very stressful and is not good for my health. I am having things done behind my back and I get blamed for them. I am battling depression and anxiety. Please pray that the Lord will open the door for a better job that would be right for me with good Christian people. Please pray for full healing from depression and anxiety. The Lord knows my heart and my needs. Thank You!

  • stress & healing

    I study at the university to teacher.
    I need to build an online portfolio.
    Missing state-exam items must be develop.
    By January 24, 2020, I have to learn 16 "A" and 16 "B" elements.
    Need 2 more Powerpoint presentations (Master's thesis + online portfolio)

    I have more problems due to stress:
    I'm overweight + 40kg.
    Difficulty breathing, feeling full, bloating.
    Varicose veins, leg edema, lower abdominal hernia.
    Chronic insomnia
    Frequent night urination
    Thank you your pray.

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